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Illegal Immigrant Kills FBI Agent & Fire Marshal – Learns He’s Above The Law When He’s Only Issued $280 Fine & Isn’t Required to Show Up for Court

Biz Pac Review wrote that an illegal alien, who was originally from Guatemala, was let off without serving any jail time after being convicted of “negligent driving” after striking and killing both an FBI agent and a fire marshal on the side of a highway in December of 2017.
The illegal alien’s name is Roberto Garza Palacios. The 28-year-old who stayed in the United States, even after his Visa had expired, was handed a $280 fine for the accident that took two innocent people’s lives. That’s right, this man killed Deputy Chief State fire marshal Sander Cohen and FBI special agent Carlos Wolff, as reported by the Washington Post.
If you weren’t already aware of just how screwed up our legal system is, just let this sink in for a moment. Palacios didn’t even have to show up for court.
As the story goes, FBI agent Wolff had ran his car into a concrete median in the road go South on I-270 while trying to grab his cellphone. It was reported after a Maryland State Police crash investigation was completed that Cohen (who was an arson investigator) was driving past when he saw the accident. He stopped and put his hazard lights on before attempting to assist Wolff.
The illegal immigrant approached the scene in his vehicle, however, he claimed to authorities that he was unable to swerve to the right, as there were cars in the way. Instead, he swerved to the left, striking the two men, killing them both.
Neil Cohen, the father of one of the deceased men, explained that he is extremely unhappy about the lack of punishment that the illegal immigrant received after taking the lives of these two men. He stated, “Because the person who caused the accident really didn’t get punished, it doesn’t feel like there’s closure.”

That’s not all. Palacios shouldn’t even have been in the country to start with. His Visa had been expired since 2009, and on top of that he already had a criminal record for driving while impaired, smashing windows on 16 vehicles, as well as lighting fire to a couch. This man is clearly violent, but was allowed to stay in our country, which eventually led him to kill two innocent Americans.

Neil Cohen explained to NBC, “The truth is that there are people who shouldn’t be here.”
It’s time to deport this man and all of the others like him. Why are we allowing people to remain in our country who are not only here illegally, but have a criminal record on top of that?


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