All the fountains in Vatican City have been turned off ‘for the first time in living memory’.  The decision was taken by Pope Francis after surrounding city of Rome did the same with some of their iconic drinking fountains.
After suffering from low rainfall for last two years, the region is reeling under a severe drought. This has even made Rome consider drastic water rationing measures for its citizens. Other parts of Italy are also suffering from one of the country’s driest summers ever. In a show of support, Vatican decided to turn off all 100 of its fountains, including the 17th century sculptures on St Peter’s Square.
“This is the Vatican’s way of living solidarity with Rome, trying to help Rome get through this crisis. This decision is very much in line with the pope’s thinking on ecology: you can’t waste and sometimes you have to be willing to make a sacrifice,” Vatican spokesman Greg Burke said in a press statement.
Pope Francis was the first to release an official papal document on the environment in 2015. He also demanded the world leaders to carry out swift action in this direction. He has also expressed his dislike for wasteful practices while calling clean drinking water as vital for both people and the environment.

Thursday January 01, 1970